Sir Frederick Chook (fredchook) wrote in refinement,
Sir Frederick Chook

I've crossposted this to a few relevant communities, so I've cut it for your convenience.

Every now and then, I see someone who's interestingly dressed, or who's reading something splenid, or who otherwise seems to be having intellectual fun with life. Someone who may well be a member of a community like this one, online or off. Only rarely does the opportunity to strike up a conversation appear, so I'm left to wonder - were they a fellow fop? An artist, a writer, a collector? Or were they just in their Sunday best and our signals got crossed?

So, I ask: do you have similar moments with passers-by? If they were someone of like mind - a gothling, a steampunk, a neo-Victorian, a dandy, or in any other way an appreciator of the beautiful things in life - what would you like to know about them at a glance, if it they could subtly advertise it somehow? That they were friendly and approachable? That they were a creator, with goods for sale? That they loved to paint, or read Proust, or attend industrial nights? Anything at all.
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