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Refinement -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dandies, Æsthetes & Flâneurs

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A Query [18 Dec 2005|08:00pm]
To the Esteem'd Members of this Community:

It is that time of year again - college applications are due. I have decided that dandyism is the most suitable and original topic for my application essay, and now seek advice from this most wondrous group of people.

How has dandyism impacted your life? What do you think its essential goals/messages are, and which have you taken most to heart? Are there specific dandies that have had a great effect on you? What do you do to embody a sort of modern day dandyism?

I apologize for the lengthy questioning, but they are topics I have been interested in for some time now (regardless of essays), and it seemed to me that others would be interested in the answers as well.

Happy holidays to everyone, and thank you for your help.
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