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Having your liquor, and drinking it, too! [11 Oct 2005|06:24pm]

I'm set on carrying around a flask this winter. Nothing warms me up like a sip or two of brandy or rum. I was wondering if there were any rules of thumb regarding flask etiquette. The only guideline I've ever heard was from "The Gentleman," a coffee table book I have, which says you should drink from your flask openly and confidently, as opposed to in bathrooms or on the sly, so as not to appear as though you were an alcoholic. It didn't mention WHEN or WHERE it was appropriate to drink openly. I'm sure there are some obvious examples of where it's NOT appropriate, but are there any concrete rules? I should hate very much to make a faux pas with such scandalous substances as hard libations.

Also... My room mate insists that liquor should only be kept in a flask for three days, for risk of metal poisoning. This smacks of a wives' tail to me. Any truth to this claim?
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