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Refinement -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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Destination - Africa [17 Aug 2005|03:58pm]
Hello All - Just joined the Community & thought I'd share this link to my dream vacation: "http://www.londolozi.com" I've always wanted to go to Africa & hope someday to make the dream a reality. However, since I loathe the heat, harsh sunshine, large insects, and "roughing it", I'm not sure how well I'd do there. To say nothing of today's problems with civil wars, terrorism, and general raping, pillaging and plundering. But this travel destination looks wonderful, something I could live with. It makes me think of Victorians who trekked thru Africa carrying along fine linens, china, and other accoutrements of beauty and refinement, plus this place advertises themselves as being leaders in eco-tourism.
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