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Refinement -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dandies, Æsthetes & Flâneurs

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An Introductory Briefness [18 Jul 2005|07:45pm]
Greetings, aesthetes-in-arms! I found this community via a fellow journalist who turned out to have a good number of entrancingly decadent communities listed; a few in particular stood out as likely to be particularly up my Rue de l'Echaude, as it were. I'm possibly something of an anomaly even amongst my fellow dandies here; I'm a straight-yet-foppish, currently asexual male in a female's body, aspiring to androgyny, wih two female French past lives and a current preferred identity of a gentlemanly housecat. (A gentlemanly clotheshorse of a housecat, that said.) So I'm possibly somewhat confused; and from time to time you may possibly be confused by me; but if we're mutually poised to forgive each other's foibles over a cup of good tea, I'm sure we'll all get along just charmingly.

I do look forward to posting in this community and reading what others have to say on this most noble practice of aestheticism.

Respectfully yours,
Wainwright H. Arkadios
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