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Refinement -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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Screw clean water, breathable air and fossil fuels... We're running out of COOL! [16 Jun 2005|12:15pm]
I'm flipping through this old 1950's Popular Science and it's filled with nothing but pictures of guys in hats and ads for pipe tobacco and accordions and all the cars and appliances are beautiful. Go back to my 1897 Sears consumer guide and you see even more fantastic, aesthetically pleasing sundries.

As you flip through "history of fashion" books you'll notice that clothes get less and less cool every decade until they hit a brick wall of ugly circa 1965. What is happening to us?

Why the hell are we becoming progressively less and less cool every year?
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[16 Jun 2005|06:16pm]
Hello - this is my first post and I do hope I'm not OT.

Today I finished my Master's degree. I'd like to buy something nice to celebrate the occasion, and for preference something slightly luxurious/decadent/recherché, since it marks the end of my sordid student existence.

When I finished my bachelor years ago I bought a nice pair of pearl earrings, but my budget is rather more limited this time. So, does anyone have any good suggestions as to what I might get for E65/£50/$80? I'd be most grateful...

And for those of you who don't already know it, Creation Books is an interesting publisher, here: http://www.creationbooks.com

The "classics" section of their fiction is particularly unusual.
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