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Refinement -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Dandies, Æsthetes & Flâneurs

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[14 Apr 2005|05:50pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Might any of you furnish me with some details on dandies' purses and/or wallets? What has been traditionally used, and what in current fashion best alludes to it? Many thanks.

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[14 Apr 2005|10:59pm]
[ mood | creative ]


i am 'curating' an exhibition of my choice for my art history class, the culture of exhibition. so of course i chose to create a ficticious gallery dedicated to the sins and debauchery of the victorian era. i have books on wilde and beardsley of course, but i need some sources perhaps under the subject of addictions [opium, cocaine, etc.], rape, and/or murder. currently i have or have located books and other sources concerning homosexuality, paedophilia, nudity in art, and morality. i would just like to create a well rounded exhibit displaying that those of the victorian era may not have been as, well..., ...refined as they may have wished to fool the modern world into believing; and if any of you could point me in the right direction, i would be very grateful.

also, any suggestion on exceptional late victorian music would be highly appreciated as well.

if it was wished, i would be more than happy to keep the community informed as i bring this concept to fruition with plans, drawings and pieces selected.

consequently in your debt,
but with the utmost of sincerity,

m. boissonneault.

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