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More on the Odyssy of the Tie! [26 Mar 2005|04:44pm]

My adventures in tie tying have been quite varied and plentiful, of late. I received the book "The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie" and it's got all sorts of useful information in it. I've examined many of the 85 methods and have found some diamonds in the rough. I will now recount some of my favorites, using their formula.

Their formula works thusly:
L means cross to the left, R means cross to the right. C means cross under/over the center. T means tuck through, completing the knot.
X means cross towards the shirt, O means cross away from the shirt.

Similar to a four-in-hand, only even smaller, this knot works wonderfully for a very thin tie. Rudeboys of the world rejoice! (A peculiarity of this and any knot with an odd number of turns is that it must begin "inside out," with the wrong side of the tie facing out from the collar)
Formula: LO RX CO T

Victoria and Albert
This is a nice knot that's a little more vertically oriented and has a pleasant "pipe shape." I prefer, however, an alternative version called the "Albert" in which you pass the blade through the final two loops instead of just the final one. When tied correctly, a sliver of the inner loop should be visible just beneath the outer, "primary" loop.
Formula: LX RO LX RO LX CO T

A beautiful knot with a very unusual cruciform shape, the Christenson is quite elegant. I can't wait to wear it with a stand-up collar. Probably one of my new favorites, I recommend every gentleman incorporates it into his knot rotation.

I understand that the terminology and formulas for these knots are very vague and difficult to follow without visual aids. As such, I will hopefully at some point in the near future have a better-detailed site that visually depicts the processes of tying these and other knots I've discovered.

My next aim is to learn how to tie a stock tie. This tie is the standard for English horseback riding, a sport which I've recently entered into. In America this riding style isn't very popular with gentlemen, but I've never had a better outlet for displaying my foppish plumage! There are very strict fashion standards in English riding and I find all of the varied styles quite pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately the required garments are very pricey, especially for men and especially for men who live in America. The lessons usually run for a dear price, too, but I was fortunate to find a trainer who is quite affordable nearby.

In other news, I've purchased a shirt and two celluloid collars from riverjunction.com -- a site which I think everyone should check out. I'll brief everyone on their quality and perhaps post a few pictures when they arrive!

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
Oscar Wilde
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