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Victorian damsels? [19 Mar 2005|06:45am]

Calling all Victorian Vixens, Tarts, Trollops and Gibson Girls Gone Wild!

Mollycrabapple.com's started a bimonthly contest to find the Next Molly Crabapple Girl.

The Winner will be recieve an original, gilt-framed Molly Crabapple pen and ink portrait. Plus, she gets her bio and picture on the site as a MollyCrabapple girl past.

Interested? Want in? Entry Guidlines below!

1. To enter, send a low-rez picture or a modelling portfolio link to mollycrabapple@gmail.com . Deadline for pictures is April 5, 2005.

2. I'll stick the four best chickitas up here. Then, let the voting begin. Winner's determined by popular vote. Yes, your friends can vote for you. Just not 8 times a day. Voting ends May 5, 2005.

3. Contest open to all girls, women and convincing drag queens.

So, send in those pictures!

Full info here
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