avium concentus in agris (leopold_paula_b) wrote in refinement,
avium concentus in agris

Is it common to tip a plumber?

Today someone came to have a look my water boiler and clean it. He failed to fix it and will bring a new appliance later this week. This first visit took about half an hour and cost 63 € (92 $, 57 £). He only had 5 € change to my 70 €, so I told him not to mind the wanting 2 €. He replied: "Thanks, alright. Normally that's not my way to come to my tips".

He said this in a jocular tone, and the whole situation didn't feel awkward at all, but it made me wonder: How common is it to tip a plumber? I would have thought: Not at all.
The answer to that question obviously varies from city to city, so please state where you're from. Me, I'm from Vienna, Austria.

EDIT: I asked around: Apparently it *is* common to tip plumbers here. Like any kind of craftsman. But only after they have finished their job and not too much. (About 5 or 10 € as a rule of thumb, no matter what the bill is.)

And (amongst my coworkers at least) there's a tendency not to tip craftsmen any longer, as they usually get paid *very* decently anyway.
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