Marc D. (mehdi_caps) wrote in refinement,
Marc D.

Five inspiring dandies

In the order of their appearance in this community:

lord_whimsy aubreyweirdsley
a friend of jauntyfellah"s audientflaneur andrea_sperelli

1 2
3 4 5

1. lord_whimsy (December 2003)
Made the success of this community. Rarely posts anymore.

2. aubreyweirdsley (January 2004)
Deleted his account a couple of months ago.

3. jauntyfellah (November 2004)
Still a regular poster. The man in the wet plate is a friend of his (see his comment below for details).

4. audientflaneur (March 2005)
Only spent a few months here.

5. andrea_sperelli (January 2007)
Never posts, very rarely comments.
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